Longtime blog reader, first time blogger here. So let me get the obvious questions out of the way:

1. What is your blog about?

Hmm, that’s a good question. I originally wanted this to be a blog about food, but I have so many other opinions on so many other subjects that I changed my mind and decided to make this a blog about my views on culture, food, sports etc.

So basically, this is a blog about me. If you don’t find that very interesting, I would encourage you to go read something more worthwhile.

2. Who are you?

See the About Me section.

3. Why did you call it “That’s butter?” Are you a raw butter-eater or something?

So I’m on this canoe trip with a few friends of mine last week and they start using this phrase “that’s butter” in place of “Cool!” or “Awesome!” or “I really like it a lot!” It just seemed to be a natural fit into a food blog about my corner of the world.

No, I don’t like to eat plain ol’ butter by itself.

Also, a tiny part of me hopes that “that’s butter” actually catches on in American pop culture and I can appear to be a lingo innovator (even though I actually stole this from someone else). I’m sure that soon I’ll make the claim that I came up with this catchy phrase on my own. It worked for Al Gore, right?

So there you have it, folks. My first post. Enjoy my blog responsibly.

Peace out.