“Despise” is an understatement.

This song has a stupid melody, stupid lyrics and is sung stupidly.  Not to mention that it has jack squat to do with car insurance. I used to work for this lady who said all the time, “It’s like a train wreck, you just can’t look away.”  That’s completely how I feel.  It’s so awful it’s morbidly interesting.

I really dislike all of the esurance commercials, but this one probably rates as my least favorite commercial of all time. Not just my least favorite esurance commercial of all time, mind you, but my least favorite commercial anywhere, for any product of ALL TIME. (The irony that I’m reposting this hasn’t been lost on me.)

I found a parody video on YouTube that bleeps out the word “be.”  The results are pretty funny.

What about you, reader? What commericals do you hate? I think I’ll try to track down and post the best of the worst commercials based on the feedback I get.