It’s nice being validated by writers in the mainstream media.  Check out article on sports that should be kicked out of the Olympics by Time Magazine’s Hannah Beech. I’ve sort of had this lingering misgiving about some of the more girly sports that I couldn’t quite articulate.  It’s not that they don’t require athletic ability, it’s just that they’re so, well, girly.  The writer of this article sums it up nicely (referring to rhythimic gymnastics and synchronized swimming):

The problem with both events, in my mind, is that the girly bits overshadow the athletic parts. Synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics involve such copious amounts of cosmetics that they make a Texas beauty pageant look sedate. Yes, thighs strain with effort, but I’m distracted by the twirling toes and the bleached teeth framed by rictus smiles. And the accoutrements of rhythmic gymnastics — the hoop, the swirling ribbon — divert from the balletic grace of the athletes.

This ain’t your momma’s East German swim team.