I was at the same time excited and disappointed in Sarah Palin’s speech last night.  She certainly showed she had the confidence and poise to be a vice-presidential candidate, but I could have done without the attack dog routine.

The normally silent janitor in my building was talking up a storm this morning about Sarah Palin, so my sense is that she’s rallying the base and perhaps getting a second look from conservative democrats in small-town America.

What do you think?  Was this all rhetoric and no substance or is she the real deal? Will the GOP get a bigger bounce from this convention than the Democrats got from theirs?

As a side-note, my wife and I were very amused with shots of Piper Palin licking her hand and smoothing down her baby brother’s hair and her performance on stage after the speech (I think she waved more than her mom). You can’t script those moments.