Movie review

Apologies to those who’ve missed my blog posts.  I started graduate school (MBA) this semester and just haven’t found the time or energy to blog.  Last week, I took a much needed vacation to play disc golf with some buddies (hereafter known as the DGRT – disc golf road trip).  Since I’m horribly inept at throwing a disc (I got a little better toward the end), the highlight of the DGRT for me was our evening ventures out in search of excellent local food.

Thanks to Chris F., we scored some seriously awesome grub on the DGRT including this little beauty from the Burger Barge right on the river.  I highly recommend the Burger Barge to all you carnivores out there who might ever pass through Peoria.

Just in case you’re having a hard time determining what exactly is on this burger, it’s a nine-ounce beef patty, a boneless pork chop and a chicken breast.  I must say, eating this was one of the greatest American (I lived in Italy for two years so nothing stateside even comes close) culinary experiences of my life.

Here are what some of my fellow DGRTers ate:

Justin R. rocked the double pork chop burger

Justin R. rocked the double pork chop burger

Evan R. had the beef, egg, bacon and ham breakfast burger

Evan R. had the beef, egg, bacon and ham breakfast burger

BTW, don’t waste your time going to see Max Payne.  It kinda sucked.


Finally, Italian cinema comes to the mainstream. This just works on so many levels.

This is probably an unpopular thing to say, but I liked Batman Begins better.  Don’t get me wrong, The Dark Knight was more than worth the price of admission, but the movie got a little slow toward the end.

I think The Dark Knight was probably a better made movie, as far as production value, but I thought the Batman Begins story was a lot more interesting.

That said, and I don’t want to seem like I’m jumping on the bandwagon here, but I call it like I see it, Heath Ledger will win an Academy Award for his Joker performance.  It was the creepiest movie villain I’ve ever seen.  Creepier than Hannibal Lecter.

Who else has seen The Dark Knight?  Did you love it or hate it?  Was it better than Batman Begins?